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SHIPPING CONFIRMATION INFORMATION   is sent when the order is actually being started.

All orders are prepared at the walk-in shop by one person and depending on the processing days and where your order is in the cutoff batch it should be received within  a few days up to two weeks and allow Saturdays and Sundays to slow shipping.

Please be aware our hex sign supplier informed us the Daddy hex sign is out of production until further notice. The screens used to manufacture them needs to be replaced. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

All hex signs are made of wooden  masonite board and are meant to be hung outdoors. We recommend avoiding direct contact to excessive weather and for longer lasting protection  to place clear acrylic on all sides and edges.

Due to our Hex Sign suppliers, our stock is constantly changing.


During certain times of the year, the more popular items are bought, and some get backordered. We will keep you informed about your order if there are delays. Thank You for understanding.

Our prices for shipping and having one choice of shipment  are set as they are to cover long distance shipping , pay the shipping  handling costs, shipping materials and a lot of other miscellaneous costs that most customers do not realize exist on an online business. We are also a small family run business. We only offer one rate since its easier for the website owner to processes orders for her system of running the business, priority mail has both insurance and tracking included in one fee so our customers are covered. Since this is a service, we chose an option that works the majority.

Thank you for understanding



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